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Zebrascript 1.18

Implemented payment module to accept and send payments in Ethereum and ERC20-based tokens. And crypto-token icons got label of used blockchain. Also a list of available incoming payment methods can be observed by guest visitors at public part of self-hosted Zebrascript. In addition to this, this release has a few visual improvements and fixes.

in category Zebrascript changelog

Zebrascript 1.17

A customizable QR code at the cryptocurrency payment page is made. Additionally, any blacklist can be paused and restarted as well as its individual conditions. Next, there is an API update: ‘pms’ become optional argument if ‘pm’ is defined in the request. Lastly, there were some minor improvements and bug fixes.

in category Zebrascript changelog

Zebrascript 1.14

In this version a new payment status ‘Blacklisted’ is added, which is assigned to an invoice or payout if it meets the blacklist rules set by admin. Also a dust attack protection for Tron and Tron-based tokens is implemented. And, furthermore, their fee limit is raised from 10 to 15 TRX.

in category Zebrascript changelog

Zebrascript 1.12

The new update brings several improvements to Zebrascript. Firstly, the blacklist functionality is implemented, which allows the admin to set conditions that prohibit the creation of an invoice or payout. Additionally, some payment parameters became clearer after renaming. Furthermore, the new update makes it possible to change the username and password right from the admin panel. Finally, the update includes a few more improvements and fixes to enhance the overall user experience.