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System requirements

For Zebrascript installation

Zebrascript does not require lot of resources. It can be installed on a dedicated server or on the simplest virtual dedicated server (VDS, VPS). In the table you can see the minimum and recommended system requirements for the case, if it’s only Zebrascript running on the server.

Server parametersMinimumRecommended
CPU1 core, 1 GHz2 core, 2 GHz
Storage disk typeHDDSSD
Disk space10 GB20 GB
Ethernet10 Mbps100 Mbps

There are two options for installing Zebrascript: with and without the Docker container.

We recommend installing Zebrascript using a Docker container, so you will need an operating system that supports Docker containers. You can find a full list of such operating systems at the link:
To avoid a long choice, you can settle on Ubuntu 22.04, 20.04, or even 18.04 (the minimal supported version).

System requirements for integrating Zebrascript to your website

You can integrate Zebrascript via an API with any website or project written in any programming language.

There is a ready-made library for integration for some programming languages. If your site is written in one of these languages, you can use it. For each programming language the library has its own system requirements, which are described in the documentation section for that library.

If your site is written in a language for which there is no library, please contact us and we will find a solution of how to prepare a library for integration in the language you need.

Also contact us if you’re having difficulty choosing a server for Zebrascript and need help with that.