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Zebrascript 1.31

Added an option for more flexible integration with payment systems and another option to protect against dust transactions. Also several improvements are implemented in payment modules which handle TRX, ETH, TRC20 and ERC20 crypto-tokens, Skrill. Besides, expanded support of an .onion domains (TOR). In addition to this, Zebrascript got a few other optimizations and fixes.


  • For TRON (TRX) and TRC20 tokens, a new option has been added into the dust transaction fight setting, which exactly allows you to set the size of transactions that are considered dust.
  • Small improvements to Skrill payment module.
  • Optimized database requests for retrieving the list of payments, which is important when displaying several thousand rows.
  • Increased stability of Zebrascript functioning on unstable Internet channel.
  • Enforced the use of “http” protocol for Zebrascript payment solution which is running on an .onion domain (TOR) because almost no onion domains have a SSL certificate and “https” protocol.
  • Improved performance of the invoice page and payment page. It affects customers with slow Internet connection.
  • A new option has been added to the payment gateway to disable the deduction of the indemnity fee from the payment amount reported by the payment system. This is useful if the payment system reports the funds sent by the payer instead of the funds received by the payment recipient.


  • In rare cases a TRON (TRX) or TRC20 payout could be stuck in “Sent” status if there was not enough bandwidth. Now it will be marked as “Error”.
  • Fixed the “Save & apply” button which saves filter of the payments list.
  • Fixed “Stop checks after N errors (number)” option saving for payouts on the payment gateway edit page.
  • Fixed detection of unsaved changes in the list of exchange rate sources.
  • During balance update sometimes there was an Error 500 for Ethereum (ETH) or ERC20 crypto-tokens on the “Overview” page. This is now fixed.
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