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Refund policy

The refund for the unused period of Zebrascript license is available at any time:

  • refunds are made in proportion to the number of unused days;
  • any incomplete day is rounded up to a full day (time zone is UTC (GMT));
  • for annual licenses the used time will be recalculated at the monthly rate which was in effect at the time of purchase of the annual license.

Refunds for Zebrascript setup and integration service:

  • if no work has been done by ZebraSnake specialists yet, the funds are returned in full;
  • if any part of the work is already done, the refund is made in proportion to the amount of the remaining work;
  • if the service is fully performed, there is no refund possible.

Refund procedure and possible fees:

  • refunds are made either in the payment system where the payment was made, or by agreement;
  • if the payment was made in cryptocurrency, and at the time of return it turns out to be a significant difference in the currency of payment not in favor of ZebraSnake because of the exchange rate volatility, then it’s possible that refund amount calculation will be made in the original currency of payment;
  • when refunding, the commission of payment systems (if any) for sending funds is deducted from the refund amount.

To request a refund please use the contact form by link:

We hope that our simple and loyal returns policy will give you more confidence in your purchasing decision.