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Zebrascript 1.14

In this version a new payment status ‘Blacklisted’ is added, which is assigned to an invoice or payout if it meets the blacklist rules set by admin. Also a dust attack protection for Tron and Tron-based tokens is implemented. And, furthermore, their fee limit is raised from 10 to 15 TRX.


  • Dust attack protection for Tron at Trongrid API.
  • New payment status ‘Blacklisted’ is used if the invoice or payout fits any blacklist rule.


  • Payment ID is ahead of request log page title, making it more convenient to navigate among multiple browser tabs.
  • Invoice page is automatically reloaded after the invoice is paid in another browser tab.
  • Now it’s possible to trim values of invoice arguments and payout arguments; it’s configurable in the payment gateway settings.
  • The Stripe payment gateway now has an option to define the account email, which is used to fill ‘To account’ column in the payment list.
  • The default maximum bandwidth fee for Tron-based tokens become 15 TRX instead of 10 TRX.
  • Now request log shows content of parameter array instead of just an array presence.
  • Different optimizations of exchange rates gathering.
  • Cosmetic improvements in the payment request log: there is no more empty space in the top of some cells, few inscriptions became clearer.
  • Other small improvements and changes.


  • From now the upgrade script restarts the whole queue of background processes.
  • Visual fix: admin panel header shows current date by GMT (UTC) instead of OS timezone.
  • Fixed error: repeated choice of the same payment method interrupts the background transaction checking.
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