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What it can do

With Zebrascript you will be able to:

  • accept payments for your project through many different payment systems;
  • send payments from your project to your users or affiliates also using a variety of payment systems;
  • work in a combined mode of reception+payouts (for example, it’s needed for casino sites).

Invoicing and payments may be done:

  • from your project site or online store by API requests;
  • from the Zebrascript control panel in manual mode, if for example you need to issue an invoice for a client and send him a link.

Please note that Zebrascript works through your accounts in payment system. And if you want to accept Paypal then you need an account in this payment system.

Cryptocurrencies and crypto tokens are also handled from your wallets. But unlike payment systems you don’t need to register anywhere and wait for approval, and etc. You can create all necessary cryptocurrency and token wallets on your own in a few minutes.