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Distinctive features of Zebrascript

Convenience for payer

  • invoice page with a convenient choice of payment method;
  • the ability to cancel the selected method of payment and choose another one;
  • link to the invoice can be passed to anyone for payment, and no confidential data will be disclosed.

Payer confidence

  • invoice pages and cryptocurrency payment pages are located on your subdomain or domain;
  • invoice pages and cryptocurrency payment pages (including logo, favicon, and the entire appearance and color scheme of those pages) can be customized to your corporate design; it increases payers’ confidence and boosts the percentage of successful payments.

Easy customization

  • easy Zebrascript API integration;
  • user-friendly interface;
  • you can find everything you need to set up in the documentation.

Ease of management

  • all transactions from all your payment system accounts are collected in one place, with amounts, descriptions, commissions, etc., allowing you to build reports on them.


  • support for a large number of different cryptocurrencies and tokens (crypto tokens), both for acceptance and sending payments;
  • invoicing and payments are possible both via API and in manual mode;
  • easy and fast addition of new payment methods required by your clients;
  • ability to create your own payment methods with any textual instructions for the payer, for example for payment by bank details or if the the payment will be received by a courier;
  • receiving money and making payouts is instant (many online aggregators have delays of several days).


  • Zebrascript has a small fixed monthly subscription fee that is independent of turnover. For most businesses this option will be much cheaper than using online aggregators;
  • significant savings as compared to adding the necessary payment methods to website yourself (by your own efforts or hiring freelancers);
  • saves time (and also money) as soon as you want to add a new payment method, because in Zebrascript you do it yourself and very quickly by setting up the desired payment gateway (usually you only need to fill in a couple of fields to accept money);
  • easy and free change of payment services. For example, yesterday you accepted bank cards through one payment system, but today you have added a new payment gateway by yourself and are already accepting cards through another payment system;
  • actual stock exchange rates for cryptocurrency payments without hidden fees, which are often included into exchange rates by different payment aggregators;
  • no hidden commissions (which are even often increased), laid in the withdrawal of money by online payment aggregators.

Savings are a direct increase in your profits. For example, if the profitability of your business is 20%, then a savings of 1% from the turnover of incoming payments is a significant additional 5% to your profits. Savings are also an opportunity to make prices lower than those of your competitors.


  • you do not have to create a personal account, provide email, phone number or any other information when you buy or renew a Zebrascript license;
  • information about all your payments is stored only in the database on your server, so you are the only one who has access to it;
  • work with tracking cryptocurrency transactions is performed by receiving processed blocks with all transactions data from the blockchain, and selecting the necessary transactions locally on your server, i.e. information about which transactions are yours is not transmitted anywhere;
  • you can work with payment systems through a proxy, if necessary;
  • link to complete payment sent to payment system is link to your Zebrascript domain. So if you want to hide your project then deploy Zebrascript on a separate domain from your project;
  • when setting up payment gateway, you can change payment description, store name and other details transmitted to payment systems.


  • easy switching between payment systems, for example, first you accepted cards through one payment system, and now you switch yourself to accept cards through another payment system. For customers this happens completely unnoticed, they still have a choice “payment by card”;
  • opportunity to accept payments to one wallet/account, and to make payments from other wallets/accounts;
  • when reaching the limits on accounts in payment systems, the ability to easily switch the acceptance of money from one account to another;
  • possibility to deal with the invoice page on the Zebrascript side as well as to send customers directly to the payment systems (if your project has already implemented the choice of payment methods);
  • possibility to work with payment systems both via API, and with emulation of work through the browser (without API connection). In this case clients make payment by direct transfers from their accounts/purses to your accounts/purses (needed details are shown at the payment page);
  • Zebrascript has a huge amount of settings for those who might need it. But you can leave them untouched, as they are set to optimal values by default.


Information about Zebrascript security is in a separate section and can be found here: