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Zebrascript setup and integration service

You can install Zebrascript and integrate it with your project by yourself or with the help of freelancers. This is a fairly simple process, but nevertheless integration requires programming knowledge. The estimated time required is 2-6 hours.

Alternatively setup and integration with your site or project can be done by ZebraSnake specialists. This additional service (it is not included into the Zebrascript license price) is a one-time fee. You can get the current price when ordering setup and integration, or in the price section by clicking here:

The setup and integration service includes:

  • setup of one copy of Zebrascript on the customer’s server;
  • Zebrascript integration with one customer’s website, project or online store;
  • the integration is made for receiving payments, for payments, or for a combined receiving+payment mode;
  • setting up the Zebrascript itself, which is necessary for the integration;
  • testing the functionality of the integration made.

What will be needed for setup and integration:

  • an already purchased Zebrascript license;
  • a working development copy of your project or site, so you can do the integration on that copy first and only then transfer it to a production project;
  • a subdomain (e.g., bill., pay., etc.) of your primary domain that will host Zebrascript;
  • the server where Zebrascript will be installed. This may be the main server for your project, but it will be better and easier if it is a separate simple and inexpensive virtual dedicated server (VDS, VPS). The minimum server requirements you can always find in the system requirements here:

How to install and integrate:
(this is an common plan of action, in each case it can vary under the client)

  • you fill out the form (just a few fields) and pay for the setup and integration;
  • ZebraSnake experts look at your project and make a list of questions that need to be answered for the integration. With those questions they contact you through contact information you provide. This happens within 24 hours (on weekends and holidays it may be longer);
  • you answer those clarifying questions and provide the necessary data for integration (access to the server to install Zebrascript, access to the development copy of the project, etc.);
  • ZebraSnake experts do the setup of Zebrascript;
  • next, they do the integration with the your project development copy;
  • you set up the necessary payment methods in Zebrascript;
  • after successful tests, integration is performing on the working version of your project;
  • checking of how well the integration works;
  • for security purposes, you delete users, change their passwords on servers, etc., that were given to ZebraSnake team for setup and integration.

The entire setup and integration process with all the clarifications, approvals, etc. takes about 1-3 days (on weekends and holidays may be longer).

You can order setup and integration of Zebrascript with ZebraSnake by link: