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Zebrascript 1.27

For payments in Ethereum, ERC20 tokens, Binance, BEP20 tokens, and Ethereum Classic improvements and fixes have been made. Also added logging for both editing blacklists and using them. In addition, some notifications have been corrected. Also made minor interface improvements and fixes.


  • Now actions with blacklists are recorded in the general log, and the results of checking blacklist rules and conditions are stored in the payment log.
  • It is become possible to keep chosen period, applied saved filter, and sorting for admin panel tables. This can be configured in the Zebrascript settings.


  • Added checking of funds sufficiency on the account needed for gas when sending payments with Ethereum (ETH), ERC20 tokens, Binance (BNB), BEP20 tokens, and Ethereum Classic (ETC).
  • Reduced the load on ETH and ERC20 nodes when requesting information.
  • Added a setting that specifies the time to wait for response from nodes when working with ETH and ERC20.
  • Improved table pagination in case of changing the number of displayed rows.
  • For greater convenience ‘Create invoice’ and ‘Send payout’ items are added to the menu.
  • Other small updates: renamed few settings and changed few default values in the payment modules; also fixed wording in the payment log.


  • Fixed incorrect notification status that could occur if a shop responded first to a later success notification and later to an earlier ‘Sent’ notification.
  • Fixed processing of notifications about ‘Pending’ status for payouts.
  • Fixed issue with an incorrect ‘nonce’ value that sometimes appeared during payout to ETH and ERC20 and caused the blockchain to reject the transaction.
  • Fixed log sorting bug that could occur in case of RAM insufficiency. Also fixed the sorting of messages.
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