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Zebrascript 1.26

Added a new option to prohibit duplicate payments. Also improved stability of Zebrascript on weak VDS. And finally fixed an issue then sending Ethereum and ERC20-based tokens.


  • In the payment settings there is now one more option ‘Paid+Sent+Pending’ to prohibit multiple payments with the same ‘Shop payment ID’. This helps to get rid of troubles in some rare situations. Previously, only these options were available: ‘Paid+Sent’, ‘Paid’, ‘any status’.
  • Reduced RAM consumption by controlling background processes on the server.


  • As it turned out, some Ethereum nodes could accept a request for transaction, return a Transaction ID, and then do not push it to blockchain but forget it instead. And as a result, the payout doesn’t actually go away. Now the request for information and sending payment via Ethereum and ERC20-based tokens has become more reliable due to simultaneous connections to multiple nodes. The number of such connections can be configured in the payment gateway parameters.
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