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Zebrascript 1.21

In this version Zebrascript brings several enhancements and optimizations. Firstly, logs and backups have been relocated for better files organization. Additionally, invoice expiration now has one additional check of payment. Also admin got the flexibility of ‘ipheaderhash’ calculation and small interface improvements. And the blacklist rules interface and Bittrex module have undergone minor improvements and updates. Finally, as usual, there are several minor changes in Zebrascript.


  • Logs and backups are moved to upper folder of file system.
  • Added option to choose parameters which are used for calculation of ‘ipheaderhash’.
  • Improved security of admin authorization procedure.
  • Visual improvements of admin interface of invoice/payout creation.
  • An additional check of payment system data is added, it takes place just before the invoice expiration.
  • For disk space saving the backup file is compressed during Zebrascript upgrade.
  • Minor improvements of blacklist rules interface.

Adaptation to exchange rate source changes

  • Bittrex exchange source module has been updated to utilize the actual Bittrex API v3.
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