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Prices of Zebrascript and related services

License to use Zebrascript

The license is paid monthly, with one month at $60.
If you pay for one year or several years at a time, there is a 20% discount, so the cost is $48 per month, i.e. $576 per year.
There is no turn fee or any other extra charges.

You can buy a license to use Zebrascript by this link:

Zebrascript setup and integration with your website

Installation and integration are simple, and if you can do it yourself the cost is $0.

However if you want ZebraSnake specialists to do setup and integration with your site, this service costs $100, it is paid only once. Read more details about this service at link:

To order installation and integration of ZebraSnake specialists you can follow the link:

Also you can find very easy and loyal refund policy at link: