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Whom it can help

Zebrascript will be necessary when:

  • you want to easily start accepting various cryptocurrencies and tokens in your project or website into your own wallets;
  • you want to accept payments through multiple payment systems;
  • you need to send payments through many different payment systems.

You can add multiple payment methods including cryptocurrencies to your website or online store in several ways:

  • integrate each payment method separately. This is a time-consuming and labor-intensive procedure (and for cryptocurrency these labor and time costs can be multiplied by several times);
  • to use some online aggregator of payment systems. The advantage of this option is that there is no need to have your own accounts in different payment systems, and API integration needs to be done only once. The disadvantages are the need to always pay a large percentage of turnover to the payment aggregator and the negative aspects of working with the payment aggregator (disabling some payment methods without notice, technical failure, interface changes, delays with payments, increasing the interest on receiving and payments, etc.);
  • use Zebrascript. This option is perfect for those who do not have web-developers on staff or just want to save time and money on adding various payment methods to their project or website.

Please note that it is economically reasonable to start using Zebrascript solution when the monthly turnover of your project is $2000-$3000 or more. If your monthly turnover is smaller and there is no growth perspective you should pay attention to on-line aggregators of payments, because in this case their percentage (usually 2%-3%) will be lower than monthly subscription fee for Zebrascript.

It’s always possible to see the current Zebrascript cost by link:

Here’s a list of customers who would be great for Zebrascript to accept payments and make payouts:

  • any online and Internet stores. Any goods can be sold, both physical and digital ones;
  • any sites of service providers where payment can be made directly on the website;
  • Internet exchangers of electronic currencies;
  • sites for the sale of courses and various training;
  • any bots in messengers (Telegram, etc.);
  • casino and gambling sites;
  • sports and cybersports betting;
  • sites selling advertisement (ad networks);
  • lottery sites;
  • accepting payments for hosting, domains;
  • affiliate programs and any other projects that require payouts;
  • receiving of payments in online games;
  • and in general, any site that require either acceptance or sending of payment, or both at the same time.

If you’re not sure if Zebrascript is suits to your project, then contact us via the link below and we’ll tell you: