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Zebrascript 1.20

Ethereum Classic (ETC) payment module for payment receiving and sending. Additionally, ‘Favourite’ payment methods at invoice page. Also filters at the payment list are slightly improved, as well as payment gateway page got some minor optimization. And finally, fixed the issue with ‘underpaid’ status in some payment systems.


  • Added payment module to receive and send payments in Ethereum Classic (ETC).
  • Added option to initially hide some of the payment methods on the invoice under the ‘Show more payment methods’ link. So the buyer first sees only the ‘Favorite’ payments methods (which are defined in the admin panel).


  • ‘Currency (Amount)’ and ‘Currency (PO Amount)’ filters, shown on the payment list page, got human readable titles of currencies in addition to ISO 4217 code.
  • Also mouse wheel click at the ‘Apply filters’ or at the saved filter button opens the report in new tab.
  • Added alphabetical sorting of payment options, currency mapping, and adjustments of decimal places in the payment gateway editing page.


  • Fixed the ‘underpaid’ status occuring if payment system deducts its commission right from the amount of payment.
  • Fixed functionality of links ‘Mark whole changelog as read’ and ‘Mark whole changelog as unread’.
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