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Zebrascript 1.30

The new payment module for bank card payments is added as well as two sources of exchange rates useful for both fiat currencies and crypto currencies. Also there are few small improvements and fixes.


  • The new payment module is now available. It allows you to accept and send payments through Russian credit and debit cards and Faster Payments System (in Russia it’s known as “SBP”).
  • Two new sources of exchange rates have been added: Kraken and Bitstamp. They have a lot of currencies including crypto currencies.


  • Time periods in the logs page and in the list of payments are now saved independent of each other, which made admin operations more comfortable.


  • Fixed a bug about payments in bitcoin and similar currencies not being credited if the sender pushed the transaction by increasing the fee, because the transaction hash was changed after the transaction appeared in the mempool. Now such payments are credited even if the transaction hash has changed.
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