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Transactions in Tron are not processed, “FAILED -OUT OF ENERGY” error


  • 2023-02-06: dynamic energy fees and second fee increase (read)

Since December 4, 2022, some customers, who are using Zebrascript to make payments and send money, began to receive an error message for some outgoing transactions on the Tron network. Various wallet users have also been affected by this problem. The cause, details and solution method will be examined below.

The reason is simple and trivial – the Tron network raised the cost of resources required to operate smart contracts, while the amount of resources themselves remained the same.

Details: required energy for one transaction in Tron network to send any crypto token, for example USDT, USDC and etc.:
– 29650 energy if the receiving address is empty;
– 14650 energy if the receiving address is not empty.

Previously, the price of 1 energy unit was 280 SUN, but as of December 4, 2022 6:00 am UTC the price has increased and has become 420 SUN (1 TRX = 1,000,000 SUN). So the cost of energy for a transaction to an empty receiving address grew 50%, from 8.302 TRX to 12.453 TRX.

And since many wallets (e.g., Atomic), as well as various Tron blockchain software (e.g., Zebrascript payment system aggregator script) set the transaction fee limit at 10 TRX, transactions to empty addresses began to end with a “FAILED -OUT OF ENERGY” error due to exceeding the TRX limit allowed for burning.

At the same time, tokens continue to go properly to non-empty addresses, because the transaction fee does not exceed the established limit of 10 TRX, although it became higher.

How to fix: just raise your transaction fee limit from 10 TRX to 15 TRX – this will be enough to keep your transactions moving.

That said, if your wallet or software does not support changing the maximum commission size, this might be just the reason to change your wallet/software. For example, you can import a private key from your address with money into another wallet, say, in tronlink. Or wait for changes from developers in the new version. Or if you have a ledger purse, you can send transactions via tronscan.

Zebrascript was originally designed to give maximum freedom and number of settings available to users. For them it’s enough to change the fee – just open settings of the corresponding payment gateway, select “technical” level of settings display, and set the desired value of “Fee limit (in TRX)”.

If you have any questions or need consultation, write to us, we’ll be glad to help you:

UPDATE of February 06, 2023:

And another bad news from the Tron. Since 5th of February they add dynamic energy fees. And if before this date the maximum cost of transactions was 29650 energy, now it can be up to 64895 of energy. This energy cost 27.2559 TRX. And by current exchange rate for USD/TRX the maximum transaction cost on TRON network now approximate $1.8.

Therefore in your software you need to increase transaction fee limit for Tron-based tokens again, now up to 30 trx.

Note that sending TRX itself doesn’t require energy, it requires only bandwidth.

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