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Module to save on USDT TRC20 transfers

In version 1.34, a special module has been added to Zebrascript that allows you to significantly save on sending USDT as well as other tokens on the TRON blockchain.

This module was developed at the request of a customer who uses Zebrascript to send a large number of payouts through various payment systems.

Significant savings are achieved by calculating how much energy (in the TRON blockchain, energy plays the role of “gas” for transactions) is needed for this particular transaction just before sending the USDT, and automatically purchasing this amount of energy from a special service. As a result, the cost of the purchased energy is much lower than if this energy was obtained in the usual way by burning TRX when creating a transaction. And because of this cost difference, savings are made on sending USDT and other tokens.

If your project needs some Zebrascript tweaks too, drop us a line and we will try to help:

During the development of this module, we also updated the news on how to solve the “FAILED -OUT OF ENERGY” issue, which is still common when sending USDT transfers on the TRON blockchain

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