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Zebrascript is now available to everyone

Zebrascript 1.11, the solution for receiving and sending payments, is finally available to everyone!

The first public version is 1.11. But in fact the project has been in development for a long time and it had many intermediate versions (more than 70) and improvements during that time. That said, there are satisfied customers who joined in the summer of 2021 as part of a private test, they do successfully accepting payments through Zebrascript for over an year.

If you need to accept payments on your website, game, chatbots, mobile app or any online project, then Zebrascript is exactly what you need! You can also use it to make payouts on your website or in any online project. You can get the detailed information about its features at the link:

Zebrascript supports multiple payment systems and of course various cryptocurrencies and crypto tokens. Find the current list of supported payment systems and cryptocurrencies at this link:

The price of the product is low and does not depend on the size of your project or payment turnover. You can check the current prices at the link:

Zebrascript is a great payment solution that you will love!

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