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Zebrascript adds payment modules for Ethereum and ERC20 crypto tokens

Zebrascript has new payment modules which allow you to accept and send payments with Ethereum and various crypto tokens based on Ethereum blockchain (USDC, USDT, etc.). As usual, a very simple setup will allow you to add new payment methods in just a few minutes.

One more cryptocurrency and several crypto tokens on Ethereum blockchain are added to the list of payment methods, that Zebrascript works with:

  • ETH – Ethereum cryptocurrency
  • BTT ERC20 – crypto token BitTorrent
  • DAI ERC20 – crypto token Dai
  • USDC ERC20 – crypto token USD Coin
  • USDD ERC20 – crypto token Decentralized USD
  • USDT ERC20 – crypto token Tether

Also you can yourself add any ERC20 tokens in the settings, if necessary.

We remind you that to start working with all above mentioned cryptocurrencies you just need to spend about 3 minutes to create a wallet by yourself. And the plus side is that there are no regulatory approvals, no approvals from payment systems, no the KYC (know your customer), you don’t need anything like that; 3 minutes and you’re in the game!

The full list of payment methods, which Zebrascript works with, you can always find here:

Zebrascript – let your clients pay with whatever they want!

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