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Stripe as a new payment acceptance method

Zebrascript has recently released version 1.13, which includes the addition of Stripe for receiving payments. This update was made in response to customer’s requests for a reliable and secure option to accept card payments from all over the world.

Previously, Zebrascript supported only PayPal for incoming card payments. Now, with the new Stripe module, businesses can choose between PayPal and Stripe, and even use both payment options simultaneously for worldwide card payment acceptance.

Please note that to work with Stripe through Zebrascript you will need an account at this payment system. Stripe opens accounts for businesses of all sizes in more than 40 countries already, and the list is growing. You can always check if you can open a Stripe account in your country at the link:
But regardless of the country of the business account, your customers can pay by card from any country of the world.

If you want us to add some more payment methods to Zebrascript, please write us about it:

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