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Release of Easy Favicon 1.11, an addon module for WHMCS

ZebraSnake is releasing the first version of a free addon module, which allows you to quickly and easily change the favicons for the client and admin panels in WHMCS, a web hosting billing platform.

During the development of the Zebrascript payment gateway addon module for accepting payments in WHMCS we discovered that the hosting billing management system does not have a favicon after installation. The solution to this problem is offered as a couple of addon modules, which must be downloaded and installed. But an unexpected difficulty arose: for some reason to download those modules their developers require registration with completion of a large web form, as well as confirmation of registration by e-mail and/or SMS. And finally, we didn’t receive the confirmation codes for some reason…

So we decided to make our own simple addon module to replace favicons. Read a full description of its functionality, see how it looks (in screenshots) and download the latest version at the link:

Of course, this free module can be downloaded without having to register, to enter your data, to get verified, or to receive a confirmation e-mail or SMS. It is absolutely free for everyone – visit the page, download and install.

Enjoy using it!

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