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Ethereum Classic (ETC) payment module is added

With Zebrascript you can now deal with even more different cryptocurrencies, as version 1.20 added support for good old Ethereum Classic with very cheap transactions. At the same time you can both accept this cryptocurrency and make payments in ETC.

Ethereum Classic appeared on July 20, 2016, having separated as a result of a hardfork from the Ethereum blockchain. The reason for the hardfork was Buterin Vitalik’s decision to prevent hackers from using stolen funds from the DAO smart contract.

By now (April 2023) there is an thin ecosystem around Ethereum Classic with various smart contracts and applications, but nevertheless it is used in the role of ETC coin itself, though not very widely. Thus, Ethereum Classic ranks 23rd in the CoinMarketCap capitalization ranking and is traded on major cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase Exchange, Kraken, KuCoin, Bitfinex, Bybit and others. There are also a lot of currency exchange websites, where you can buy or sell ETC.

It’s important to mention that the value of transaction in ETC at the moment of writing this article is less than $0.01. For comparison, right now the transaction cost in Ethereum is about $4, and in Bitcoin it is about $2.

And you could also add Ethereum Classic as another payment method for your website, online store, project, game or chatbot.

The full list of payment methods, which Zebrascript works with, you can always find here:

Zebrascript – let your clients pay with whatever they want!

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