What is Zebrascript

Zebrascript is a product that is installed on your server and allows any project to easily, quickly and conveniently accept payments and/or send payouts via many different payment methods and cryptocurrencies. Here are a few key features of Zebrascript that will let you determine whether this payment solution is right for you or not. Zebrascript is: accepting payments and/or sending payouts; solution which is installed on your server (no clouds, all your data is on your server); support for many payment systems, cryptocurrencies and crypto tokens; perfect solution for any online projects, including websites, online stores, chatbots, mobile applications, online games, etc; integration of just one API with your project instead of multiple integrations with various payment systems; further easy addition of payment methods to your project directly from the control panel, without programmers involved, and without the need to integrate anything else; usage of your cryptocurrencies and your accounts in payment systems (no middlemen in the middle) to work. You can read more about Zebrascript features, supported payment systems, etc. in further sections of the description.